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February 27, 2006


Maureen McCabe

February 27, 2006 - The Billboard Song

If I was a podcaster I could sing it for you but I'm not a podcaster and I can't sing ... but here are the lyrics to The Billboard Song as I remember them.

"As I was walking down the street one dark and dreary day
I came upon a billboard and much to my dismay
the sign was torn and tattered from a storm the night before
the wind and rain had done it's job and this what I saw...

smoke Coca-Cola cigarettes,
chew Wrigley Spearmint beer.
Kennel Ration Dog Food makes your complexion clear
Simonize your baby in a Hershey candy bar.
and Texaco the beauty cream is used by all the stars!
So take your next vacation in a brand new Frigidaire.
Learn to play the piano in your winter underwear ...
Doctors say that babies should smoke until they're three
and people over 65 should bathe in Lipton Tea. HEY"

Hopefully I have not violated anyone companies copyright. ; - )
Or the songwriters... I don't know that I have ever seen the lyrics in writing..just learned the nonsense song at Girl Scout Camp. Many of the references are sooooo old. Some were old when I was a kid. Simonize?

Maureen McCabe

February 27, 2006 - Is there a Pullitzer Prize for Billboards?

I went to Google to see what the ultimate award for billboards is. Or for comedians. Too much to sift through! I am nominating you, Bonnie for the Don Rickles award on RealTown Blogs. "I get no respect"

I wonder if the blog awards have come out... . The Bloggies? Thanks for the mention on your blog.

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