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April 10, 2007


Bonnie Erickson


I have been told just the opposite. I've been told that any user can delete the post. Since I started using vFlyers instead of Point2, they have not yet been deleted. Thank goodness. I don't see the difference as both provide code that the person posting to Craig's List has to cut and paste into the Craig's List system. Mark commented above that I personally must do the posting and I AM. Point2 just provides the code in the same manner that vFlyer does, but I have to make the entries in both cases. As my son said, a competitor might not like your flyer next to theirs, i.e., the same Harley being advertised next to each other, and they can delete your post. I very carefully followed all the rules and the Point2 stuff was deleted and the vFlyers were not. Go figure!

Karen E. Rice

My understanding is that it takes several users flagging a post before it gets removed.

Bonnie Erickson

Leanne, I'm positive there is an agreement between P2A & Craig's List. The problem is the consumer has the right to delete someone else's ad. Each consumer may interpret the rules differently!

Leanne Paynter

I would've thought that P2A came to an agreement with Craigslist before posting listings "on behalf of" agents with P2A sites. Have you contacted P2A directly about the issue?

Mark Trufin

I think your problem is this part of the process:

"...they copied content from my website and put it on Craig's List without any effort on my part."

If your website service does this, it plainly violates Craigslist's terms:

"Posting Agents are not
permitted to post Content on behalf of others, to cause Content to
be so posted, or otherwise access the Service to facilitate posting
Content on behalf of others."

In my opinion, this is stupid. But it's the law. Craig's law. What Craig wants you to do is create your own ad yourself.

You can use vFlyer, Postlets, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or whatever you want to generate your HTML, but YOU must personally do the posting.

Jef Rice


Here is a quick tidbit about Craig's List... If you read the Terms of Use for the site, it says that it will restrict any content from commercial sources. Furthermore, it puts your 'commercial' listing at the end of the page... And anyone who has ever used CL knows that the end of the page = death to listing.

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Bonnie Erickson

From what I have read, that is the case. I don't spend a lot of time on Craig's List so I don't follow it too closely. The community policed content is what has been discussed at length on Active Rain in the last quarter. Some AR participants thought the community should have the option of this much control on Active Rain.

Maureen M.

what a curse... looking good.

It is pretty bizare that the competition can delete. What if two unrepresented sellers list the same floor plan in a subdivision but one is $10,000 lower than the other? Does the higher priced have the ability to delete the competition?

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